Friday, December 5, 2008


Food. Does anyone never ever seen food in front of them? The answer will absolutely be no. Foods are any substances that travel through our alimentary canals. They can either be organic or inorganic substances.

Every day we consume food. This is to ensure enough energy for us to do work. These foods undergo physical or chemical processes will become tiny enough to be absorbed. The finger-like projection which is villi will do this. Some of these tiny foods are amino acid or glucose or fatty acid and glycerol. They are protein, carbohydrate and fat respectively before. These different classes of food can be obtained based on doctor’s prescription or based on a food pyramid.

The lack or excess intake of each food class can lead to many harmful diseases. One of them is obesity. This disease is caused by the overeating of fat. Fat actually should be taken as little as possible. But, people usually eat fat the most as they are more delicious, creamy and tasty. Examples of this unhealthy food are ice-cream, and carbonated drink. These foods will not harm our body if we consume them in right proportion. Example of diseases due to lack of nutrients which is protein is kwashiorkor. Consequently, it will cause inadequate growth among children.

Besides meat, there is another alternative way to get protein. It is through bean. Did you that by eating one small handful of peanut bean, 9% of daily fiber can be gained? This fact is very useful especially for vegetarians. In the same word, they can replace meat by eating beans. Not only that, Soybean curds. which was originally introduced by Chinese people is another source of protein. This smooth and firm small blocks of solid soybean is naturally low in fat. In the same time, it is also delicious. For me, I love eating raw cube soybean curds serve with salads. They taste fresh and creamy.

Food is not only consumes by human. But, animals do so. Their foods are not only served raw but also are ready made. Raw foods usually consumes by wild animals and those that live freely. They are like tigers, lizards and frog.

While, tame animals or pets are usually served with animal food. They are a variety of brands that offers animal’s foods. One of them is Whiskas. These animals are very lucky since their food have gone through experiments to preserve the nutrients needed. The chemical processes involved produced animal food which not only packed nicely but also love by animals.

The green- cellulose substance that we called as vegetables also need food. Each plant needs a package of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to make glucose. The green leaves containing chloroplast trap sunlight. Sunlight will then converted into chemical energy. So, this shows that sunlight is one of the food needed by plant. This package of plant’s food can be simultaneously compared to human’s food. It shows that we need all classes of food to sustain life.

In conclusion, every single living things need food. That means food is a basic need of life. Without the edible substance, we cannot see the world, lift our hand nor walking. We should preserve our food from poisons. Once our food get poisoned, our body system cannot function optimally. The dangerous part after all is it may cause fatal. So be aware of what we eat. Make sure that it safe and clean.


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