Monday, December 29, 2008

Fashion trends of today's teenagers.

Fashion is always connected with teenagers. Wherever you go, you will meet teenagers with their own styles. Sometimes, their styles are almost the same. This is because, they are following what the fashion is currently doing. Fashion is their guideline in how to match attires. For them, it is important to wear up-to-date clothes or they will feel rejected.

Teenagers are most influenced by anything that singers and actresses are wearing. This usually happened among the girls. Furthermore, girls love to check out the latest fashion by shopping. Shopping gives them opportunities to buy exactly what magazines shown them. Not only that, clothes designs and marketing for teen girls have also encourage them to do so.

On the other hand, boys are rarely following the fashion. It is because they are more comfortable in their own styles. They never put the fashion as a big issue in their mind. Looking smart in their own thoughts is enough. Not only that, it also makes them more comfortable. If they follow what the others wear, their wardrobe will be full of clothes. It is messy and complicated. Therefore, ignoring the fashion does not effect boys' life. The most important thing after all is they love what they are wearing.

Fashion is not only about attires. It is also about accessories, shoes and handbags. Accessories are very important for girls. They take the role as sugars and salts to make a girl looks beautiful. The must-wear accessories of girls are bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Without them, a girl's appearance will be dull. Their choices of accessories are usually those that are funky and colourfull. It is important or else they will look older than their age.

Branded shoes and handbags usually become teen girls' choices. The most popular brands for teen girls in Malaysia are Gucci, Vinci and Momoe. The most important factor in choosing any product is about quality and affordability. For me, I like anything that is simple and cute. They are no need to be neither expensive nor very attractive in colour. Furthermore, there is no wrong to wear cheap and non-branded clothes. It is because, feels comfortable should be the top priority.

The way of applying cosmetics on face is also considered as fashion. This fashioning activity will usually take more than a few minutes. It is either the girl or the boy will willingly do this. This is because, without make up, a girl will looks pale. Reddish lips and pinkish cheeks make a girl looks cuter. Researches also shows that confident can be achieve by make up. Wow, this means that fashion can affects one's life.

Styles of hair is also fashion. Trimming and colouring hair are said to affects one's look. The rebounding and layering techniques are the most famous nowadays. One's identity can also be faked by these techniques. Sometimes, it can also be a sensitive issue to some people. It is said that to erase ones origin. For example, Asian would like to have blond hair, while western people would like to have Asian hair.

Discussing about styles and fashion will never end. Everyday, fashion designers will come out with their latest creativity. This will happened as long as fashion magazines and model television shows are running their business. There is neither right nor wrong in fashion. It can be simultaneously equal to the proverb, one man's meat is another man's poison. It is subjective just like the meaning of beautiful.


Aidanik said...

well done anis!!! Sorry for not leaving any messages earlier... but I am so happy that some of my students participate in this humble project of mine.. hope that you continue to post in your blog..I will be very happy to read your thoughts and ideas...

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