Monday, December 29, 2008

Fashion trends of today's teenagers.

Fashion is always connected with teenagers. Wherever you go, you will meet teenagers with their own styles. Sometimes, their styles are almost the same. This is because, they are following what the fashion is currently doing. Fashion is their guideline in how to match attires. For them, it is important to wear up-to-date clothes or they will feel rejected.

Teenagers are most influenced by anything that singers and actresses are wearing. This usually happened among the girls. Furthermore, girls love to check out the latest fashion by shopping. Shopping gives them opportunities to buy exactly what magazines shown them. Not only that, clothes designs and marketing for teen girls have also encourage them to do so.

On the other hand, boys are rarely following the fashion. It is because they are more comfortable in their own styles. They never put the fashion as a big issue in their mind. Looking smart in their own thoughts is enough. Not only that, it also makes them more comfortable. If they follow what the others wear, their wardrobe will be full of clothes. It is messy and complicated. Therefore, ignoring the fashion does not effect boys' life. The most important thing after all is they love what they are wearing.

Fashion is not only about attires. It is also about accessories, shoes and handbags. Accessories are very important for girls. They take the role as sugars and salts to make a girl looks beautiful. The must-wear accessories of girls are bracelets, earrings and necklaces. Without them, a girl's appearance will be dull. Their choices of accessories are usually those that are funky and colourfull. It is important or else they will look older than their age.

Branded shoes and handbags usually become teen girls' choices. The most popular brands for teen girls in Malaysia are Gucci, Vinci and Momoe. The most important factor in choosing any product is about quality and affordability. For me, I like anything that is simple and cute. They are no need to be neither expensive nor very attractive in colour. Furthermore, there is no wrong to wear cheap and non-branded clothes. It is because, feels comfortable should be the top priority.

The way of applying cosmetics on face is also considered as fashion. This fashioning activity will usually take more than a few minutes. It is either the girl or the boy will willingly do this. This is because, without make up, a girl will looks pale. Reddish lips and pinkish cheeks make a girl looks cuter. Researches also shows that confident can be achieve by make up. Wow, this means that fashion can affects one's life.

Styles of hair is also fashion. Trimming and colouring hair are said to affects one's look. The rebounding and layering techniques are the most famous nowadays. One's identity can also be faked by these techniques. Sometimes, it can also be a sensitive issue to some people. It is said that to erase ones origin. For example, Asian would like to have blond hair, while western people would like to have Asian hair.

Discussing about styles and fashion will never end. Everyday, fashion designers will come out with their latest creativity. This will happened as long as fashion magazines and model television shows are running their business. There is neither right nor wrong in fashion. It can be simultaneously equal to the proverb, one man's meat is another man's poison. It is subjective just like the meaning of beautiful.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Food. Does anyone never ever seen food in front of them? The answer will absolutely be no. Foods are any substances that travel through our alimentary canals. They can either be organic or inorganic substances.

Every day we consume food. This is to ensure enough energy for us to do work. These foods undergo physical or chemical processes will become tiny enough to be absorbed. The finger-like projection which is villi will do this. Some of these tiny foods are amino acid or glucose or fatty acid and glycerol. They are protein, carbohydrate and fat respectively before. These different classes of food can be obtained based on doctor’s prescription or based on a food pyramid.

The lack or excess intake of each food class can lead to many harmful diseases. One of them is obesity. This disease is caused by the overeating of fat. Fat actually should be taken as little as possible. But, people usually eat fat the most as they are more delicious, creamy and tasty. Examples of this unhealthy food are ice-cream, and carbonated drink. These foods will not harm our body if we consume them in right proportion. Example of diseases due to lack of nutrients which is protein is kwashiorkor. Consequently, it will cause inadequate growth among children.

Besides meat, there is another alternative way to get protein. It is through bean. Did you that by eating one small handful of peanut bean, 9% of daily fiber can be gained? This fact is very useful especially for vegetarians. In the same word, they can replace meat by eating beans. Not only that, Soybean curds. which was originally introduced by Chinese people is another source of protein. This smooth and firm small blocks of solid soybean is naturally low in fat. In the same time, it is also delicious. For me, I love eating raw cube soybean curds serve with salads. They taste fresh and creamy.

Food is not only consumes by human. But, animals do so. Their foods are not only served raw but also are ready made. Raw foods usually consumes by wild animals and those that live freely. They are like tigers, lizards and frog.

While, tame animals or pets are usually served with animal food. They are a variety of brands that offers animal’s foods. One of them is Whiskas. These animals are very lucky since their food have gone through experiments to preserve the nutrients needed. The chemical processes involved produced animal food which not only packed nicely but also love by animals.

The green- cellulose substance that we called as vegetables also need food. Each plant needs a package of carbon dioxide, water and sunlight to make glucose. The green leaves containing chloroplast trap sunlight. Sunlight will then converted into chemical energy. So, this shows that sunlight is one of the food needed by plant. This package of plant’s food can be simultaneously compared to human’s food. It shows that we need all classes of food to sustain life.

In conclusion, every single living things need food. That means food is a basic need of life. Without the edible substance, we cannot see the world, lift our hand nor walking. We should preserve our food from poisons. Once our food get poisoned, our body system cannot function optimally. The dangerous part after all is it may cause fatal. So be aware of what we eat. Make sure that it safe and clean.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In ten years time

Albums of memories never retired to take care of my childhood moments. My faces were scattered all the pages. Small, chubby and funny. Now, I start to compare those pictures with myself currently. Of course differences are the main issue. But, what about myself in the next ten years?

That question keep arise in my mind. Is that normal? Well, I am just a teenager. A teenager who needs to enjoy her teenage moments. My childhood had past. Teenage is taking place. And the adolescence will come soon. The cycle of life that anyone cannot avoid from.

Maybe it is not too early for me to predict what will happen next. This is about strategies, shaping and recovering my soul . I believe in myself. That is very important. I sure I can walk this path smoothly. In addition, a journey of thousand miles starts with a step.

My life begins at the twilight of June 28 1992. I have passed my studying in standard school in 2 different schools. Then I managed to get 4A's and 1B in my UPSR. Then, I continued my hard journey at SMK Meru. Syukur to Allah that He gave me 9A's in my PMR. And now,I am studying in a boarding school. Wishing to graduate in another one year with flying colours. It is my aim as I was first stepped into this school.

After I had finished my school time, I would like to be transferred to any university. This is the opportunity for me to continue my pre-universities studies. My only dream 'craziness' about this study of living things since I were in form two. Furthermore, the sector of biotechnology is experiencing a great development in Malaysia.

Moreover, as knowledge is the most important thing nowadays, I will persuade myself for at least to achieve a Master in the next ten years. Waiting for the ten years to come can be like a glance of time. At that moment, my age is 26. My age will become older, my friends will get married and my tortoises will die.

Not only that, t that age of 26, all my cousins will become older. Our family family members will expands. I do not ensure that our Hari Raya celebration will be as enjoyable as now. I also think that our houses will be further from each other. Or the worse, if it took us days to reach them. It is beyond of my expectation.

On the other hand, my number of friends will also increases. That is great. I mean, my network of friends will be all of the world. I can learn cultures of India, Australia, Africa and soon. That means, I can have the chance to go round the world. Of all the country I wish to go is Italy. How great will the food taste? Ah, I cannot wait for that.

At that year of 2018, technology will be everything. Myspace and Friendster websites will load with thousands of members. Then, my addiction of these two websites shall fade. Even now I start to feel bored with them. It is because chatting with friends only waste my time. The only benefit of these websites are how they link myself with many friends. I admit that it is true.

After all, myself will become more matured. The way of how a lady thinks will affects all my decisions. I do not want to mess up my mind of how my appearance will be. Time will decide, fashion will show and my Iman will guide. All these prediction can only become reality if Allah give me the strength to do so.

I do not want to give up. My experience of become a loser is enough for me. Losing will never be the same as winning. Down will never copy the behaviour of top. Crying is not like the feeling of smiling. Please ZARINUSE, go ahead! Your journey of life need to be discovered.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Hari Raya Celebration

Eid Mubarak or primary known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri by Malaysians is the most significant event in a Muslim calendar. It is the day of celebrating the victory of a month of fasting which is Ramadhan. After the obligatory 30 days of no eating from dawn until sunset, we can lastly eat the traditional, delicious and also high calories foods which are dodol, lemang, rendang and so on. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is not mainly about eating , yet about visiting the relatives and friends no matter where there live either at the villages or the towns.

Would you like to know about my Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebration this year? Well it was not like the one that I had celebrated for like the last 10 years. The dull atmosphere without all my grandparents’ grandchildren produced a non-chaotic gathering. This was because, the short period of school holidays prevents them to come back to their beloved grandparents’ house. Not only that, my uncle from Sarawak failed to buy any aeroplane tickets due to massive number of people who would like to go back to their hometowns.

For me, the most memorable moment of Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the day of gathering of all the family members. We will then cook lemang and rendang together the day before Hari Raya Aidilfitri. While our mothers helped grandmother in the kitchen, we, the children and teenagers helped to sweep the floor, put up new curtains and fill containers with various types of kuih raya. On the other hand, our fathers lit up pelita outside the house which were well arranged to produce creative shapes like cluster of stars if seen from a far distance. The chatting, laughing and giggling while doing these activities not only make us enjoy ourselves but also tighten our relationships.

In the morning of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, everbody enjoys eating those lemang and rendang that were prepared the day before. Then, we will go to mosque for Aidilfitri prayer. I still remember my past time experience of performing Aidilfitri pray in a small mosque near my grandparents’ house. When my cousins and I reached the mosque, it was not crowded with people yet. As the time past by, we, the kids were forced to go to the last saf due to the increasing number of people. The aunties and grandmothers there pushed me and made me almost crying. Luckily my cousins were there to console me. From that time onwards, I never come back to that mosque again for Hari Raya prayer. Perhaps, I asked my father to choose a bigger mosque so that we can concentrate on performing solat.

Preparing ourselves before the collecting duit raya session.

When the clock stroked 9.30 a.m, or when we had perform our Aidilfitri prayer, we were heading back to our grandparents’ home. The forgiving session will begin. This is the best part of the day for kids. This is because, they will gain angpau or duit raya after they ask for forgiveness while shaking their uncles and aunties’ hands. The angpau (paper case) containing a sum of notes. Those who were not married yet will also gain this duit raya from each of their uncles and aunties. The older the age, the higher the sum of the money received.

We were queuing to collect the duit raya.

Next, all cameras will be set to snap the pictures of all the family members of each wearing new and up-to-date raya attires. After the house were full of krypton flashes, the people will get ready to go to our grandparent’s siblings’ houses.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri (2006).

Hari Raya Aidilfitri (2005).

The convoy of about 7 cars will move to one house to another. As our grandparent’s siblings’ houses were located around the town, we usually managed to finish visiting all the houses in just a day. The time allocated for us to eat the kuih raya and chatting was just about 15 minutes on each houses. If the rules were broken, we will be late to enjoy special dinner prepared by my aunty.

This is my family’s tradition. We are all enjoy this tradition of eating sour and savory dishes at each aunties’ houses. If in the morning Auntie A who lives in Klang prepared us breakfast, then our Auntie B who lives in Shah Alam prepared us our dinner. The uniqueness of this tradition is that we, the other family doesn’t have to prepare our own meals for that day. Unfortunately , we must prepare meals for them in the next day or so on. This also gives us opportunities to travel outside our hometown without even thinking about the way of getting foods.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Assalamualaikum I would like to wish to all of you. Since this is my first post, I would like to introduce a little bit about myself. Firstly, my name is Zarinuse. And for your information, Zarinuse is only my commercial name. It is not that I don’t want to reveal my own name, but it is for the sake of me, as an official author of this site. But don’t worry my friends, you will know me as this name is not really much different from my real name.

I am a daughter of two excellent teachers who have gain experiences in teaching for more than 20 years. They are my real teachers who have taught me the meaning of life. From them, I learn to endure the challenges, enjoy the excitement, share the victory and so on. My family is made up of eight members including my parents. I am in the middle of my sibling as I have one big brother and sister and another three younger brothers. We have been together in all these years trough out all circumstances. And now, we live in one small house which is full of love in a fine village near the town.

My life is surrounded by all great people who have change the world in their own perspectives. Even tough their names are not recorded in the Guinness World of Record, but they are my hero. They are my parents, siblings, teachers, friends and neighbours. Talking about friends, I am really miss my friends from SMK Meru. I studied there for three years before I move into an integrated boarding school in Rawang. It is Rawang Integrated Boarding School (RIBS).

My friends and I in front of SMK Meru.

SMK Meru is my former school which located about 5 km away from my house. Everyday, I went to school by bus by inserting a sum of fifty cent into the box in the driver’s place. I still remembered the first time I went to school by bus which was accompanied by my old brother. In the way toschool, the bus will stop about five times to pick the passengers along the road. The passengers inside the bus is not only made up of Malays, Chinese and also Indians but also the foreigners like the Indonesians. And some of the bus that I preferred are the Seranas and Transnational buses.

Another interesting information about me that I would like to share is that this is my first assignment from my teacher, Mrs Aida. She is currently pregnant her fifth son now. I hope by the end of this year, she will welcome her newborn happily in this festive season. Teacher, if you are reading this, let me tell you that the first time you taught me in the class, I thought that you are my aunt. Ouh, it must be a coincident that your face seems like her.

The assignment that I mentioned earlier is that this post is equal to my online composition book. So, everything that I wrote here will be mark up by my teacher. It is much easier as she don’t have to bring a pile of books home. And another thing that benefits me is that I was waiting for this moment of building up my own blog. I have thought about this earlier. But I never make it become true as I taught that I am too young for all this technologies. Unfortunetly, in this modern life, Internet is everything. Just like the Myspace and Friendster, now, even the primary school student can make it by theirselves.

I think that is all for now. Lastly, I think it is not too late for me to wish Happy Ramadhan Al-Mubara k for all muslims worldwide.

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