Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In ten years time

Albums of memories never retired to take care of my childhood moments. My faces were scattered all the pages. Small, chubby and funny. Now, I start to compare those pictures with myself currently. Of course differences are the main issue. But, what about myself in the next ten years?

That question keep arise in my mind. Is that normal? Well, I am just a teenager. A teenager who needs to enjoy her teenage moments. My childhood had past. Teenage is taking place. And the adolescence will come soon. The cycle of life that anyone cannot avoid from.

Maybe it is not too early for me to predict what will happen next. This is about strategies, shaping and recovering my soul . I believe in myself. That is very important. I sure I can walk this path smoothly. In addition, a journey of thousand miles starts with a step.

My life begins at the twilight of June 28 1992. I have passed my studying in standard school in 2 different schools. Then I managed to get 4A's and 1B in my UPSR. Then, I continued my hard journey at SMK Meru. Syukur to Allah that He gave me 9A's in my PMR. And now,I am studying in a boarding school. Wishing to graduate in another one year with flying colours. It is my aim as I was first stepped into this school.

After I had finished my school time, I would like to be transferred to any university. This is the opportunity for me to continue my pre-universities studies. My only dream 'craziness' about this study of living things since I were in form two. Furthermore, the sector of biotechnology is experiencing a great development in Malaysia.

Moreover, as knowledge is the most important thing nowadays, I will persuade myself for at least to achieve a Master in the next ten years. Waiting for the ten years to come can be like a glance of time. At that moment, my age is 26. My age will become older, my friends will get married and my tortoises will die.

Not only that, t that age of 26, all my cousins will become older. Our family family members will expands. I do not ensure that our Hari Raya celebration will be as enjoyable as now. I also think that our houses will be further from each other. Or the worse, if it took us days to reach them. It is beyond of my expectation.

On the other hand, my number of friends will also increases. That is great. I mean, my network of friends will be all of the world. I can learn cultures of India, Australia, Africa and soon. That means, I can have the chance to go round the world. Of all the country I wish to go is Italy. How great will the food taste? Ah, I cannot wait for that.

At that year of 2018, technology will be everything. Myspace and Friendster websites will load with thousands of members. Then, my addiction of these two websites shall fade. Even now I start to feel bored with them. It is because chatting with friends only waste my time. The only benefit of these websites are how they link myself with many friends. I admit that it is true.

After all, myself will become more matured. The way of how a lady thinks will affects all my decisions. I do not want to mess up my mind of how my appearance will be. Time will decide, fashion will show and my Iman will guide. All these prediction can only become reality if Allah give me the strength to do so.

I do not want to give up. My experience of become a loser is enough for me. Losing will never be the same as winning. Down will never copy the behaviour of top. Crying is not like the feeling of smiling. Please ZARINUSE, go ahead! Your journey of life need to be discovered.


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